The One & Only Program In Singapore That Teaches A
Real Genuine Money Making Method To Last You A Lifetime. 

More than 300 people have attended!

Attention to all inquisitive web surfers:
What you say is always right, what we say is never right. You can chose to believe or not to believe in the truth that you perceive to be true. Is a cup half empty or half full? We cannot enforce you to believe in our system as nobody can force another to learn something that you may want or do not want to learn.  Life is about choices. Nothing is impossible. A picture paints a thousand words.Take responsibility for your own actions.

"Attend Our Workshop, And We Will Show

You How To Achieve

Breathtaking Wealth And Prosperity"

"Each Session Only Lasts 3 Hours. 

We'll Guide You Through The Various 

Techniques Of Making Money 

And By The End Of Our Workshop, 

You Will Be Smiling!"

Hard To Believe? Let us prove it to you. If our Sure-Win Baccarat Formula doesn't help you make money, we'll refund 100% of your fees. (YES, that's cash back in your pocket! How's that for ZERO RISK Investment?) on the spot...

Just imagine what will it be like to wake up every morning and know you hold the Secret Formula for making money. You will feel extremely fabulous because you have found the right method to achieve LIMITLESS WEALTH. Once you have completed our course, you will be firmly in control of your financial destiny.

And even after you have finished the program, all it takes is a few hours each week to continue multiplying your wealth, over and over again...

You see, this is unlike any "Money Making Program" that you've ever heard of (much less bought).

Why? Because we are the ONLY company IN THE WORLD that offers such a program!

Once you learn our SURE-WIN BACCARAT MONEY FORMULA, you can use it to protect and increase your wealth.

Only a maximum of 3 hours per day -- To improve your wealth and achieve true financial freedom!

In fact, when you have attended our program, and utilized the techniques on your own, -- you'll...
  1. Make as much money as you like.
  2. Have more time for your family and friends.
  3. Have the financial ability to enjoy life.
  4. Attract abundant business opportunities to increase your wealth.
  5. Transform your relationship to money (so that you're not stressed out about where the next paycheck is coming from)
  6. Never have to retire and worry who is going to take care of you.
  7. Heal your financial beliefs instantly (you'll know the second you see money in your hands)
  8. Most importantly, PROTECT your hard earned wealth

... in many ways you never dreamed of!

Our Sure-Win Baccarat Money Program will:
remove the fears and obstacles you have toward making money -- and finally FREE you to create the wealth you deserve...

You Only Need To Learn One Useful Skill And 
It Will Help You Make Money For The Rest Of Your Life!

Dear Friend,

People who gamble always take risks. They think they have learned their lesson and believe they will win the next bet.

If you think you can win by thinking, analyzing (common amongst professionals like teachers and businessmen) and strong believe, you are dead wrong!

Gambling is like a drug addiction. The temptation of winning is always very strong. Once you step into a casino, chances are, you will “play” a little. This is where it all starts! This system is about money investments, not about gambling.

All types of people gamble, from teenagers, professionals, businessmen, retirees, housewives, even domestic maids and foreign laborers.

If you have never gambled before, it doesn’t mean you will never gamble forever. But once you gamble, you stand a 99.9% chance of losing. 

You Also Stand A Very High Chance Of Getting Addicted!

“We are not encouraging you to gamble. We are teaching you a skill to protect yourself from losing money to Casinos, addiction and to make good money.”

We Don't Teach Gambling

We Teach 100% Sure Win Investing

Family Exclusion Order (FEO) applied by the courts is a waste of time too as there are many casinos all over the world! You can never stop a gambler from gambling. Gambling is a culture, you can gamble on horse racing, soccer, 4-D, and Toto everywhere in Singapore!
Even if you do succeed in curbing your gambling addiction, let's face reality, how are you going to pay off your massive gambling debts assuming you have taken loans from legal and illegal sources, and how long are you going to need to work to pay off the loans?

Why Do People Lose Money In Casinos?

Do You Know The Real Reasons?

Our strategy is not to STOP or RESTRICT gambling. Rather, it is about teaching casino players to Make Money instead of Losing Money. It is about teaching casino players to understand why and how they can lose in the casino. Once the secrets are understood, they will never be addicts, and in the process, win more easily.
As a matter of fact, more than 90% of our participants have succeeded in protecting their wealth. When you know how to stop losing, you can then start to really make money. 
< The Definition Of Gambling >
Gambling is the wagering of money or something of material value (referred to as "the stakes") on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money and/or material goods. ~ From Wikipedia.

We Teach How To Invest & Protect Wealth
Since gambling is based on an event with an uncertain outcome,  our Baccarat Money Program is hence, NOT a gambling program as we guarantee the outcome to be certainly 100% successful, as long as the system is used!
We do not teach people to cheat, con, steal, rob, or do anything illegal. Casinos are legal gaming centers that let people win or lose money and they conform to the countries' laws.
We just happen to possess the legal know-how of winning techniques.

Casinos operate with the winning percentage greatly in their favor, if they didn't they wouldn't be in business. 
Follow our techniques and instantly flip the odds into your favor.
Seeing is believing with these unbeatable techniques that will never fail. 

Our Sure-Win Baccarat System is easy, reliable and it simply works!



We Guarantee You Will Earn Money With Our 100% Sure Win Advanced Baccarat System.

What Makes Us Qualified To Teach Baccarat?

Our Master Is The Disciple Of Singapore's God Of Gambling Master Zhu Jia Le 

Master Zhu Jia Le Was Singapore's
"God of Gambling" in the 80's

The "God Of Gambling" Won Millions of Dollars
Advised People Not To Gamble

Our Master Trainer With His Master, 
The "God Of Gambling" Master Zhu Jia Le

Our Master Trainer Accepting Disciple In The Presence Of His Master, The "God Of Gambling" Master Zhu Jia Le

Gambling is not a game of chance. It requires special skills, not just technical skills. Not everyone is suitable to gamble. Only true professionals can survive.
If you are a regular gambler in Casinos, ask yourself how much you have really given to the Casinos, do not fool yourself about your winnings. How much more are you going to give to them? What if you had invested in a skill that can help you retain your winnings? Will it be worthwhile?

By using the "Simple Straight Forward Methods”, you will gain that ultimate edge that every player prays for but never finds.

This is unlike anything in recorded history and this is the world’s oldest profession.

But there’s a catch!

Most people will not value and appreciate free stuff. Cheap stuff means lousy stuff.

We are not selling $19.99 e-books or video downloads.

We conduct a valuable intensive hands-on practical Baccarat workshop that will blow your mind away! 

It consists of 1-2 days training on the secrets of Casinos, various Baccarat techniques and 3-5 days physical practice in the casino to experience the REAL earnings.

Our Confidence Guarantee

Basic Baccarat Workshop:

99.60% Earning Rate

Advanced Baccarat Workshop: 

100% Earning Rate
+ Life-Time Coaching
+ Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee


Upon completing the Advanced Baccarat Course, if you do not make money during the workshop, we will refund you the full course fee.
This allows you to confidently learn our system knowing that you can earn money 100% of the time playing Baccarat from any casinos in the world!

"We Teach You To How To Avoid Losing Money Playing Baccarat In The Casinos With Our Revolutionary 

Sure-Win Baccarat Training System

Which Minimizes Risks & Optimizes 

Baccarat Earnings That

No Other System Could Ever Accomplish!"


Many people are skeptical about our winning claims 

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words 

Our Happy and Satisfied Participants

Displaying Their Winnings

Faces have been distorted to protect the identity of the participants 


Proof That Our Techniques Are Effective As Claimed!

(P.S. These are only a few pictures of the over 200 satisfied participants)

If You Want To Protect Your Wealth
If You Want To Know Why You Have Been Losing
If You Want To Get Out Of Your Poverty Trap...

If You Want To STOP LOSING Money...

Our Consultants Will Contact You As Soon As Possible!
The Longer you Hesitate, The More You Lose!

Only You Can Help Yourself!

Why would you believe us?

You don't have to! Our parents spent thousands of dollars to let us have a good education with a good certificate or degree. But does that guarantee us a good paying job?

Education Is The Power To Wealth!
The Ultimate Question:
Do You Want Money, Or Do You Want To Gamble?
If you want MONEY, you are encouraged to attend our Baccarat Money Program, adhere to the rules and earn unlimited MONEY.
If you want to gamble, you will risk everything and reach the ultimate goal of unhappiness.

We offer a free no-obligation preview to show you we are professionals, not con-artistes.  

It is better to answer all your questions and doubts in person before you commit your investment in the most lucrative self-help training course that can alter your life for the better, forever!

However, our intake is limited as we prefer to give quality training to our clients.

If you want to stop losing money, come for our preview here!

If you are keen to transform your fortune, come for our preview here!

If you are keen but afraid of the unknown, come for our no-obligations preview here!

If you don’t believe us and want to prove that we are “scammers”, just sign up for our ADVANCED WORKSHOP and we can prove it to you. After all, there is a 100% money back guarantee and you have nothing to lose.



 How much money do I need to start with?


Our principle is: If you can start making money as long as you follow this system, for the rest of your life, what do you think the value of the workshop should be?
You can test this system during our Baccarat training and at the Casino on the 3rd to 5th day. At the end of the 5th day, you will be celebrating with money earned.
Once you are ready to make real money, invest in whatever you are comfortable with. 
The money you invest is really irrelevant because if you follow the simple principles, You Will Earn Money based on our systems.

How do I know you’re not just a scammer after my money?

We definitely want your money. Why would we teach you for free? The beauty of this system is that right after you sign up for our Baccarat Workshop, you can test this technique immediately at the casino. Then you be the judge.

How much money can I win?
Our answer is straightforward; how much money do you want in a month? Set your target and you will achieve it. This is a business, you will need capital.

What type of casino games do you teach?
Only Baccarat

How do I know you’re not just a scammer after my money?

We definitely want your money. Why would we teach you for free? The beauty of this system is that right after you sign up for our Baccarat Workshop, you can test this technique immediately at the casino. Then you be the judge.

How many hours a day will this take me?
How much money do you want to make is the better question. I guarantee you have time to fit this into your life. No matter how busy you are you will make money from it. But do not be greedy. There is a timing rule that you must follow strictly.
Can I win back my course fees in a day?

NO. You are not allowed to during the workshop. You ought to learn how to walk before you run. Do not be greedy. Our system is meant to stop the greedy attitude, and you need to follow our rules if you want to win. However, you can spread your goal over a period of 3 to 4 months, and you can make back your investments. If you have enough capital, it is possible to get back your investments even faster.
If your system is so good, why are you teaching instead of earning yourself?
I am a metaphysical counselor by profession. It is my interest to conduct courses and deal with mind problems. Gambling is a big problem for many people and I am just doing my part to help families be happy. How or what I do has nothing to do with your life. How much money I make has no meaning in your life. You should ask questions that is relevant to yourself, do you want to make money and be happy?
Why are the course fees so high or expensive?
What are you comparing our fees with? Can you find any other companies offering an identical scheme like ours? Which company offers a money back guarantee that makes you money 100% all the time? This skill will MAKE money for you till the day you die. With such a valuable skill, how much do you think it is worth?
What if you fall back on your guarantee and run away?
We are in Singapore, where laws are enforceable. If one person complains, we will be in deep trouble, and what will happen to us if a whole group complains? We have students by the hundreds and we are still in business! Also, if we had wanted to cheat, we would be looking for bigger money, its not worth risking our career for this few thousand dollars.
What will happen if I still lose money after learning your course?
You should be winning and not losing, UNLESS you fail to abide by our RULES. Just like a doctor who prescribes medicine, you can get well if you eat the medicine. But doctors cannot guarantee you will not get sick. If you abuse your health, you cannot blame the doctors! It is the same as graduating from driving school and getting your driving license; the moment you break traffic rules, you are liable to be fined or jailed by the police. Likewise, if you are stubborn and do not follow our protocols, you cannot blame our system or us for losing money. Even so, you can call us anytime for help if you are unsure. It is our responsibility to help our students win with the proper techniques, we will guide you to boost your confidence. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to live your own life. It is your responsibility to contact us for help when required.
Can I turn this into a full time profession?
Why not? You have paid for the skill and you can make money honestly with it, because you are not gambling, not stealing, robbing or cheating. Best of all, you only need to spend a maximum of 3 hours per day at the casino. You can have true financial freedom and lots of time for yourself and family. (We have students who draws "salary" from the casinos on a regular basis)
Aren't you guys encouraging the gambling habit?
Gambling is about taking chances. You either win or you lose. We do not take chances because we are 100% sure that we will collect money at the end of the month. With this system, we are sure of 100% earning rate, so it is a game or investment to us, not a gamble. Many people are already buying 4D lottery tickets, Big Sweep, betting on soccer games, horses etc. Let's not be hypocrites. Our gaming investment has a 100% winning rate. Gambling is 50% chance of winning or losing! You cannot compare our system to gambling at all!
I am from another country, how do I enroll in this course?


Email Us Here. Our course fees do not cover accommodation and transportation. It can be arranged based on your budget.

**No matter which country you’re from, you can participate in this. Canadian, UK, Australia, American, Europe, Asia... 

This course is conducted in Singapore by a local Singaporean professional, in Mandarin. For English speaking students, we need to have a minimum of 12 persons before we can start. Contact us for details.

English interpretation will be available when required.

Do you accept credit cards?


There are  many negative comments in the forums and news about Baccarat Institute and the people involved. How do I know if your system is real or not? And will I be cheated or not?
This is a very reasonable question:
Our advice to you: Get a job and be hardworking and stop dreaming. If you want to buy a service or product with the idea that you might be cheated, then don't buy it, because you will be cheated. This is the LAW OF ATTRACTION.
Do you believe in what you see for yourself or what others tell you? Would people agree to pose photographs with their winnings if they didn't win? We have more than a hundred photographs!
More photos and video testimonies are available for verifications, if you are keen, isn't it more logical to speak with real people rather than listen to remarks made by people who are non-contactable and hiding behind pseudo names?
What do you think of people who constantly talk bad, attack, criticize and running down others?  
There are different people with their own skills trying to sell themselves, it is up to you to make the correct choice.
As with any education centers, it is highly difficult to find a school that has 100% passing rates. While our technique is 100% effective, we cannot guarantee that all the participants are disciplined and are willing to adopt our rules and regulations which are required in order to win!
Ask yourself: 
What do I really want? Am I taking responsibility for myself?
An Interesting Story For You
40 years ago, a young boy told his father: "Dad, when I grow up, I will use a machine that I can carry around freely to talk to you whereever I am far away, in any country."
"Stop dreaming, it is not possible." said the father.
Today, this machine not only enables you to talk internationally, it can also let you see each other in real time!

Are You Game For Success?

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To Skeptics Who Do Not Believe In Our Program

We do not need you to believe in us and you do not need to believe in us. You do not need to trust us if you have no need for such a course. We respect your decision to live the way you like. So, before you make the notion of labeling us as "Bullshit", "Conmen" or "Scammers", do remember that we are not forcing or abusing you in anyway. Our 100% winning rate, 100% money back guarantee is not "Bullshit" either. If you have never tasted honey, you will never know that it is sweet.

Our program is meant for people who wants to enrich their lives and make lots of money. People who succeed are those who are willing to learn. This is NOT a gamble, this is an investment.
Successful people take responsibility for their own lives.

Our Sincere Congratulations To Those Who Have Participated In Our Program and Benefited.


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