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With 2 casinos operating in Singapore to date, it has been proven that they have helped in the growth of the economy. Tourism increased, more job opportunities, so it must have been a good choice and it will be no surprise to have 2 more casinos in the near future.

Many wealthy tourists and locals have played in our local Casinos, and from the earnings of the Casinos, we can guess how much money people have lost. Losing money is a small matter, losing families and sanity is a huge problem.

Why do people gamble in the first place? Why visit casinos in the first place?

Many reasons; Curiosity, thrill, and most importantly, MONEY!

Many people think it is easy to win in a casino, forgetting why a casino is operating in the first place. If it is a matter of chance, it would be a 50/50 chance between the banker and the player, isn’t it so? So, why do we have more losers than winners?

People lose to Probability Calculation, Greed and a revengeful mind.

When a person gambles, he will win, initially and once the thrill of winning sets in, he will not be able to stop the enchanting spells of greed and excitement. It is so exciting that it surpasses the effects of heroine.  When money is so easily won, that person will not be able to think of work and the greedy exciting thought of easy money will lure him back to the casinos.

The strange fact is that a person will remember the winnings and forget the losses. Over time, he will be heavily in debts and taking loans from friends, relatives, banks and illegal money lenders.

The addiction has kicked in and soon, tragic tales will emerge from the newspapers. A single gambler in debts will cause misery for everyone, the most immediate being his own family.

Even if the gambler stops gambling (with the aid of gambling counseling from Charities), he still faces the mammoth task of repaying the debts, with is THE REASON why he gambles continuously. Money, or the lack of money, has become the addiction to gambling, due to the lure of easy and fast money. He can declare bankrupt to ease the payment of legal loans, but what about the illegal money lenders?

How shall he repay the debts then? Its simple; Earn the money back from where he had lost it.

This seems bizarre, but we have the technical know-how. With a 100% money back guarantee, our 100% money making system can help these people to earn back their money and at the same time, they will not be able to stay addicted to gambling. Since gambling is a game of chance, our skill is not gambling as it is based on 100% winning. It sounds unbelievable but with more than 120 students in our record, we are not kidding.
We are not a charity organization. We do not believe in offering free help or discounts. If a gambler is able to find money to feed his addiction, paying for a course that can help him indefinitely will ensure that he values it. In other words, we mean he will be willing to follow the rules if he feels the pinch. Free medicine is always perceived as useless.
Watch this following video to see how easy it is to win, and get addicted.
Watch this next video to see how even high-rollers or professionals can lose big.

The Chinese newspapers often report on people losing heavily, like hundreds or millions  of dollars in Casinos, something which the English papers do not, perhaps because such news aren't news worthy.
If you are considering visiting the casinos for the first time, our advice is, better not. (unless you have attended our workshops) Yes, there is such a thing as BEGINNER's LUCK. This is also the beginning to gambling addiction.
The Baccarat Institute is the only one in the world to be able to help gamblers overturn the problems of gambling by teaching them how to win. Our strict protocols ensures that players invest wisely and never become addicted.
Our workshop is even better than Trading or Forex courses as we can truly teach people how to make money without the risks!



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